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Guidelines For Parents



Please ensure your ward attends the school .We do not disturb Board classes even if school has any other commitment or activity.

Parents must visit school on second saturday of the month and saturdays immediately after the unit test and terminal exam to know the performance of the child.

Teachers are fully qualified and experienced to teach and guide your ward . School would make all efforts to meet out the requirements of your ward,hence private tution are not required. Please ensure your ward takes full advantage of the resources of school.

School has fully equipped, well stock library,net facility and smart classes (Interactive audio visual classrooms) to supplement the class room studies.

Please pay the school dues by 10th of every month.After 10th fine at the rate of  RS. 5/- per day will be charged.

Please intimate school with with your latest contact number and address for correspondence. A separate register is being maintained at the reception counter, so that it can be updated with latest phone number and addresses at the time of depositing the fee every month.

Attendence, if falls below 75%, your ward will not be eligible to appear in the final exam. Chairman  CBSE  may grant 15% relaxation in attendance provided the student is away to attend some state/national level tournament or is hospitalized for prolonged illness. The school may take disciplinary action against such casual students, who remain absent without valid reasons, though heavy fine will be imposed for absence without leave i.e;@Rs. 10/- per absence  (for class IX and above).

Parents must realise the practical difficulties of the school and should not expect the school to remind them of their obligations time and again.

Possession of cell phone/Ipods etc.with in the school premises by any student has been listed as serious indiscipline  by CBSE and action to the extent of expulsion from school can be taken. The cellphone/Ipod recovered from any student in switched on or off condition will be confiscated by  school   authorites.

Name of the students gets struck off the roll, if

(i)He/She remains absent continuously for more than three days without information.

(ii)Does not pay school dues by the last working day of the month.

Re-admission may be allowed by the Principal on merit, however re-admission fee and fine will be charged.

Any fee default or any other kind of indiscipline shall result withdrawl of concessions immediately.