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School Rules



Student must come to school clean and tidy and in proper uniform with all neatness and cleanliness.

They must never be absent from the school without leave.

They must not make noise when changing classrooms or when teacher is not in.

They must not lend or borrow money.

They must switch off the lights and fans in the classroom when not required

They must not spoil or disfigure any school property.

They should not indulge in rowdyism, rude behaviour, use of violence , casteism or communalism.

They should report to the Class teacher for “Lost and Found” articles.

They must not invite friends to school.

They must not wear jewellery or use cosmetics.

They must not bring costly items/cash in the school.

They must not stay back when not required by the teachers.

They must not bring two/four wheelers to school without having the driving license.

They must not change the mode of conveyance without informing the school.

They must bring the leave request duly signed by the parent for availing leave.

They must not carry mobile phones/MP3 player/Video games to school in any case.